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For Immediate Release / Monday, October 17, 2011

BASKERVILLE, – John W. Boyd, Jr., founder and president of the
National Black Farmers Association released the following statement
this morning:

"Today America lost an important leader. The passing Elouise Cobell
last night was too soon – she still had much to contribute – but not
before she led the successful national movement and lawsuit against
the U.S. government for mismanagement of American Indian land
royalties that resulted in the historic settlement that was signed
into law this past December by President Obama. In fact in her death
we are reminded of the many accomplishments she achieved including
economic development gains for Indian Country."

"For many years the Black farmers and the Native American leaders
worked together on the landmark legislation providing funding for the
settlements in the discrimination cases we sought to resolve. Elouise
was dedicated and always had the best interests of the American Indian
community in mind. It was a pleasure to be able to work alongside
Elouise and she will be missed."

"Today, on behalf of the members of the NBFA and our colleagues across
the nation, we join with the Cobell family and Indian Country in
mourning her passing and celebrating the life she lived and all that
she accomplished in her professional and personal life."

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